Ayr has one of the biggest cane farming areas of Australia, as well as one of the largest mango producing areas.

We also farm lots of Italian vegetables and fruits : tomatoes, chillies, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchinis, squash, capsicums, pumpkins, rockmelons and watermelons.

Our secret weapon is that we have an abundance of water – the drought has not affected Ayr at all.

Workers are wanted from March to December!

*Usually you will be paid $22.86 per hour, but sometimes you may have a contract (the more you pick, the more you get) and get $42 to $200 (or more) a day…

*Vegetable and fruit picking can be hard!

*You need to be prepared, both mentally and physically! Some jobs are harder than others, some days harder than others too…

*The positives are that you will get fit, you will make some good friends and of course you will earn money! And don’t worry, after a couple of days, your aching back will be gone 😉

*IMPORTANT : All workers must have a valid Working Holiday Visa

You will also need :

  • A hat or a cap
  • Enclosed shoes
  • Long sleeves shirt
  • High factor sunscreen (30+)
  • Plenty of water (you will drink between 2 and 8 litres per day!)
  • Food for lunch and breaks (“smoko”)
  • Pair of gloves (sometimes provided by the farmers)
  • Australian Bank Account
  • Proof of Current working Visa
  • Tax File Number (TFN)