Farm Work

You will be paid the Horticulture Award Rate

Vegetable and fruit picking can be hard!

You need to be prepared, both mentally and physically! Some jobs are harder than others, some days harder than others too…

The positives are that you will get fit, you will make some good friends and of course you will earn money! And don’t worry, after a couple of days, your aching back will be gone 😉

IMPORTANT : All workers must have a valid Working Holiday Visa

You will need

  • A hat or a cap
  • Enclosed shoes
  • Long sleeves shirt
  • High factor sunscreen (30+)
  • Plenty of water (you will drink between 2 and 8 litres per day!)
  • Food for lunch and breaks (“smoko”)
  • Pair of gloves (sometimes provided by the farmers)
  • Australian Bank Account
  • Proof of Current working Visa
  • Tax File Number (TFN)

About the Region

Ayr has one of the biggest cane farming areas of Australia, as well as one of the largest mango producing areas.

We also farm lots of Italian vegetables and fruits : tomatoes, chillies, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchinis, squash, capsicums, pumpkins, rockmelons and watermelons.

Our secret weapon is that we have an abundance of water – the drought has not affected Ayr at all.

Workers are wanted from March to December!